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We rent porta potties for events and construction projects nationwide.

It’s never been so easy and quick to rent portable toilets online.


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Portable Toilet Rentals for Construction and Events

Established in 2010, PortaPottyRental.com can take care of all of your portable sanitation needs. Working with us will partner you with the experience and knowledge at the top of the industry. We will not only help you meet ALL regulations but will help obtain a service level that provides the most efficiency at your project location. Whether you need to service parks, athletic fields, playgrounds, campsites, concerts, festivals, or construction sites, Porta Potty Rental will work with you to ensure you receive the best solution while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Moreover, when you have an emergency and need a portable toilet on the spot, we're the team you want on your side. Our emergency response team and 24/7 phone support will get the job done.

All Toilet Orders Include:

  • Prompt Delivery
  • Regular Service
  • Professional Support
  • Toilet Paper
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Construction Sites

Are you starting a large scale construction site project soon? Make sure you're up to code. Having access to porta-potties eliminates the guesswork of figuring out where your workers are going to excuse themselves and makes sure they don’t have a reason to walk far away to do so.

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Special events

Whether you are planning for an outdoor wedding reception, a large picnic, a sporting event, an outdoor festival of some sort, or even a concert, you are going to need to provide means for your guests to relieve themselves at the moment that mother nature calls.

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