Renting a Porta Potty in the Atlanta Area?

Here at Porta Potty Rental, we rent porta potties for events and construction projects around Atlanta. We’re all about delivering comfortable portable restrooms and reliable sanitation cleaning and restocking. No matter if it’s a wedding, business conference, or building site, we want you to keep your guests or crew accommodated and satisfied.

Costs Associated With Renting Porta Potties

Whether you need them for your workers on a construction site in South Fulton or you want portable restrooms for an outdoor wedding in Sandy Springs, it’s important to choose a company that works efficiently and effectively to ensure you receive the best solution while avoiding unnecessary expenses. Your costs depend on a number of factors – from the quantity, added features like handwashing stations, to the frequency you need sanitation cleaning and restocking. To help our customers get adequate quotes on the potty you are looking for, you can visit our Rental Calculator page.

What to Expect from Porta Potty Rental

With the number of regulations and laws that go into planning for portable restrooms, it’s important to have a partner that knows the ins and outs of the business. At Porta Potty Rental, not only do we know all the regulations, but we will help you meet those regulations as well. That includes working with you to ensure our services align with the vision you have for your event or project site in the most efficient way possible. Furthermore, we know the job doesn’t end there, which is why we provide an emergency response team and 24/7 phone support to make sure you are covered at any moment.

Construction and Special Event Porta Potty Rental

Construction Portable Restrooms

We offer a wide variety of porta potties to meet your construction site needs. Those include individual restrooms and restrooms on trailers that can be used during work hours and on weekends. Whether you have a residential job in Roswell or a commercial job in Johns Creek, Porta Potty Rental will provide you with clean, safe, and accessible restrooms to get the job done right.

Special Event Portable Restrooms

We understand that every event has particular needs, which is why Porta Potty Rentals carries everything from individual units to VIP trailer units and any potty in between. Your event’s success is our success, so we want to know the duration, level of activity involved, what’s being served, the weather, and more to determine exactly what your event needs to be successful.

Additional Portable Sanitation Information

We know how important hand sanitation is to your guests, which is why we offer stand-alone handwashing stations to elevate your guest experience. A hand washing station can be a nice upgrade to make your attendees feel more comfortable. They can be utilized not only for rinsing off after using the restroom but also for washing up before and after meals.

Standard Porta Potty Rental prices include delivery and pickup, a 28-day rental period, once a week servicing and restock, and a 24-hour emergency response team. But that’s not all, we also provide emergency services because we understand that unexpected occurrences happen. You can count on us to ensure speedy dropoff times to help with unexpected accidents.

At Porta Potty Rentals, our customers come first. Whether you need portable restrooms for a construction site, residential remodel, industrial application, or special event, we can handle your needs. If you’re interested in our services, enter your address on our Order Online page for pricing!