• How soon can I get my porta Potty?
    While we try to offer same day and next day deliveries when possible, it is generally a good idea to make a reservation 48 hours to one week in advance. This will insure that units are available to meet your needs, and will give us time to schedule delivery without having to charge any extra delivery fees.
  • Can I rent a Porta Potty for just one day?
    Absolutely! We will arrange for delivery the day before or morning of your single rental day. In some cases, you will have use of the porta potty for a day or two after your single day rental, but you will still only be charged for the one day.
  • Do you guarantee my Porta Potty will be clean when it arrives?
    Yes. All porta potty rentals receive completely cleaned and sanitized units. In addition, if your rental is for an event, you can request our “special event” units, which are reserved for private events and are never rented for construction sites or other high-traffic uses. We are committed to providing porta potty units that are sanitary and comfortable.
  • How often will my Porta Patty be serviced?
    In most cases, units are serviced once per week. Service includes restocking, cleaning and sanitization. Some circumstances call for more frequent service. If this is the case, We will increase the porta potty service level to meet the demands of your use case. Basic service is included in the base rental fee.
  • Can a Porta Potty be placed anywhere?
    By choosing us you get the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. We will do our best to place your porta potty anywhere on your site, but ultimately we will only place units where they will be stable, secure and able to be serviced properly. Neglecting to place porta potty units in a serviceable location creates many potential problems, so we will place your porta potty in a location that will keep your site safe and clean.
  • How many units do I needs?
    We can help you determine how many porta potty units you need. Your needs are dependent on the size of your site, the number of people you need to provide for, and any regulations you need to adhere to. For private events, we have the experience to predict the right number of units for the attendance level you expect. For construction sites, we can meet the guidelines set by OSHA, local legislation and any private bodies involved with the project.
  • Will my Porta Potty be wheelchair accessible?
    If you require a wheelchair accessible porta potty, we have appropriate units available. Simply let us know your needs when making your reservation, and we will provide a wheelchair accessible porta potty that is sanitary, safe and ready to use.
  • How do you control odors in the Porta Potty?
    Our porta potty units contain detergent water, which functions as both a sanitizer and deodorizer. The detergent water helps control odor in-between service, and during regular service all odor are eliminated by waste removal and detailed cleaning. You can be sure that your workers or guests have access to sanitary facility by choosing us.
  • What if the Porta Potty is tipped over?
    If your porta potty is tipped over, alert us and we will respond immediately. When we arrive at your site, we will either replace or service your porta potty, depending on the situation.

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