What Is a Porta Potty?

A porta potty is, in short, the perfect solution for your sanitary needs whenever you don’t have access to a sewered toilet. 

Everyone’s seen these characteristic blue and green units before — at festivals, sporting events, and on construction sites, but few are familiar with their history and the radical transformation they have made over the years.

The porta-potty — also sometimes called a Port-a-John or Port-a-Jane — was first invented in World War 2 to accommodate the need for temporary yet sanitary toilets while building military bases. These porta-potties were nothing like the ones we are used to now — early porta-potties were heavy, big, poorly constructed from metal or wood, and extremely hard to transport.

Modern porta-potties are made with Polyurethane, a lightweight plastic that does not absorb any odors. They are, with the right equipment, extremely easy to transport and clean. The porta potties available now are durable, sturdy, and offer a private restroom experience. They’re equipped with hand-sanitizer stations and toilet paper.

Best of all? If you ever find yourself in need of a porta-potty unit, or maybe even dozens, it’s now easy to rent porta potties through the internet, and have them delivered to your site in no time!

PortaPottyRental.com proudly delivers portable toilets anywhere within the United States. Any porta potty you rent from PortaPottyRental.com arrives in a clean, sanitized, and well-stocked condition. Your porta potty will be serviced once a week, or more often if you need it. When you no longer need a porta-potty, our team will take the unit away. 

How Does a Porta Potty Work?

You might be wondering how a portable toilet manages to stay so clean when it doesn’t even flush. That’s where the blue liquid in the tank that you might have noticed before comes in. This mixture of chemicals includes biocides, which kill most bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, as well as keep offensive odors to a minimum. This chemical mixture makes sure that the portable toilet remains sanitary between maintenance appointments.

Different Types of Porta Potties

If you thought of the porta-potty as one singular concept, your world is about to open up — in today’s world, you can choose from a multitude of different porta potty options to rise to the needs of any occasion! Whether you need a wheelchair-accessible portable toilet or a deluxe porta potty, it exists! The different types of portable toilets available on the market today include:

  • Standard porta potty. These are the very same porta potties that you’ve probably seen a million times before. These portable toilets don’t have a sink or flush, but they are equipped with toilet paper and a hand-sanitizing station. Standard porta potties are very sturdy and have a good quality lock. Standard porta potties are suitable for most special events and construction sites, and can come to your rescue if toilets in your residence or commercial space need to be fixed, as well. Standard porta potties are an affordable solution to a universal problem — and when you just need a john, a standard porta potty does the job.
  • Wheelchair-accessible porta potty. These porta potties offer more space, to ensure that they can accommodate any wheelchair. Modern wheelchair-accessible porta potties are ramp-free, and instead work with a flat entrance that makes for hassle-free access. Wheelchair users will find these portable toilets equipped with a lower toilet seat, safety rails, and anti-slip materials. PortaPottyRental.com offers wheelchair accessible porta potties whenever you need!
  • Deluxe porta potty. Just like the name suggests, deluxe portable toilets offer an upgraded experienced with additional features when compared to standard porta potty units. Deluxe porta potties are larger than standard units, can be flushed, and typically feature a mirror, side urinal, hand washing station, and often even a baby changing station. These premium porta potties come, as you might presume, with a premium price tag. In most situations, a standard porta potty will meet all your needs.

Who Might Benefit From Renting a Porta Potty?

Porta potties are designed to be used in situations where sewered toilets are not available. This includes special events such as concerts, outdoor weddings, festivals, or athletic events. Campsites and construction sites also notoriously benefit from porta-potties. If you are running a construction crew, OSHA regulations demand that you provide an adequate number of porta potties for your workers. 

However, porta potty rental can also come in extremely handy if you have suffered a plumbing malfunction in your home or commercial space, or if you are renovating your facilities!

No matter why you might need a porta-potty and for how long, PortaPottyRental.com is your trusted partner! We install and maintain porta-potties nationwide, and are often able to deliver your porta potty units the very same day you order them.

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